Our Approach

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objectives primarily through equity-based option writing strategies including cash-secured puts and covered calls. The premium the Fund receives from writing options potentially generates gains for the Fund. The Fund may also invest in dividend-paying or non-dividend-paying common stocks with market capitalizations of at least $1 billion. 

Our Philosophy

Target a consistent and rising cash flow distribution that is not reliant on changing market conditions and aim to deliver favorable total return with reduced volatility over a normal 5-7 year market cycle. 

Our Ideal Client

  • Seeks Income w/ Growth Potential Believes in the importance of income producing assets to meet lifestyle needs.

  • Opportunistic Understands and desires a "buy low, sell high" approach.

  • Biblically Responsible Investing Aims to use biblical principles to screen investment portfolio

Fund Facts:

  • Performance Inception Date: 12/28/10

  • Benchmark: US OE Allocation - 50 to 70% Equity

  • Fund Assets: $65 Million

  • Ticker Symbols:

    • Class A Shares- CPRFX

    • Class A Shares Load Waived- CPRFX.LW

    • Class C Shares- CPRCX

    • Class C Shares Load Waived- CPRCX.LW

    • Class I Shares - CPRIX (Since 12/30/2016)

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