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While Investment Management is our core competency, we strive to serve you in ways that seek to help & grow your business.



Outcome Focused Planning is as simple as it is important. The simplicity of outcome based planning is perhaps the leading reason that it is missed when attempting to develop sound investment strategies. Because outcomes are simple, they are often implied and thereby get excluded from the discovery process that is essential to developing a road map to success.


Are you tired of wasting an enormous amount of money on marketing? We believe that marketing should be simple and your clients should not be confused about the services and solutions you provide. Camelot partners with Sidekick Marketing to help advisors simplify and clarify their message. Schedule a call with Sidekick to discuss how to get started.


Operating in an industry where success is regularly measured by accumulation of wealth can distract us from what truly matters. We believe that generosity should be a regular and intentional part of an investor's journey. We are all called to be generous givers, and our experience is that there is great joy to be had from holding money with an open hand.