At Camelot Portfolios, we believe that all investing is done for the purpose of maximizing a future stream of cash flow relative to an investors exposure to risk. Seeking to provide repeatable, consistent income and the long-term compounding of capital are our twin, primary goals. As such, we place client assets in investments that we believe to be under-priced compared to their long-run value.  We believe that success of client portfolios should be measured relative to client goals, which are quantifiable and supported by current or future cash flow streams. 

In short, we aim to deliver the utility that money provides to investors at the time they need it.

All of our funds are strategically designed using this fundamental belief as a starting point for a logical and quantifiable decision making process. This is the "How" of the Camelot Portfolios experience for investors.

Investors with Purpose

We believe that investing creates opportunity, and with opportunity comes responsibility. As followers of Christ, this means a responsibility to seek wise stewardship decisions. Beyond striving to deliver prudent investment management for our investors; we aim to lead by example through generosity, biblically wise investment selection, and outcome focused planning to create an environment to that is conducive to good stewardship. This is the "Why" of the Camelot Portfolios experience for investors. 

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