Target a consistent and rising cash flow distribution that is not dependent on changing market conditions and aim to deliver favorable total return with reduced volatility over a normal 5-7 year market cycle. 


Assess Perceived Fair Value

Fundamental cash flow analysis to target buy and sell price range of individual equity positions

Seek Option Premium

Sell cash secured put options as a buying discipline and covered calls as an exit discipline.

Hold to Perceived Fair Value

Seek to participate in growth to perceived fair market value of individual equity positions.

Rebalance & Monitor

Active monitoring of positions. Seek to take advantage of discounted value created by market volatility

Monthly Manager Call

Our Chief Investment Officer & Chief Economist discuss strategy and the economy on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11:00am est. We invite you to listen in …


“In short, we aim to deliver the utility that money provides to investors at the time they need it.”

Darren Munn, CFA / Camelot Funds Manager