"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable." Lucius Seneca

Outcome Focused Planning is as simple as it is important. The simplicity of outcome based planning is perhaps the leading reason that it is missed when attempting to develop sound investment strategies. Because outcomes are simple, they are often implied and thereby get excluded from the discovery process that is essential to developing a road map to success.

We encourage advisors and investors to carefully consider and verify desired outcomes at the beginning of the planning process.  We also use outcome focused thinking in developing our investment strategies for investors.

Traditional Planning

Grow portfolio to $1,000,000

Outcome Based Planning

Supplement "X" by generating enough cash flow for $50,000 annually.

This simple example illustrates a very common error (Traditional Planning) that can result in an investment strategy that actually becomes detrimental to an investors potential success. While $1,000,000 may be required to successfully achieve an outcome in today's market environment, market conditions a year from now could warrant a very different target. By focusing on the true outcome (Supplement "X" with $50,000 annually) we focus on what the traditional planning goal actually provides the investor. Understanding this allows us to seek investment opportunities that support an investors true outcomes as market conditions change.